Option 2: Bare Bones

SANCTUARY SIZE: 180 seats PARKING SIZE: 80 +/- spaces SQUARE FOOTAGE: 19,000 ft2 TIME FRAME: 1 year COST: estimated to be $2.1 M

Ancillary costs (FFE, Memorial Garden, Playground, A/V,) $550,000


  • No sanctuary expansion; existing walls stay in place so seating is limited to 180 +/-

  • Parking lot remains “as is” with 80 spaces

  • Uses the existing HVAC that has some 1960’s components and is energy inefficient

  • No site modifications (trees/sidewalks/lighting)

  • No window replacements (currently single pane with metal frames)

  • Limited new flooring/painting

  • Interior lighting is not modified

  • Bathrooms are accessible and not gender neutral

  • Future construction is very difficult to accomplish when space is occupied


  • Elevator

  • Accessible bathrooms

  • Fire Sprinkler system

  • Electrical upgrade to code

  • Railing on stairs to code

  • Demolition of back building

  • Insulation in attics*

  • New roof *

  • Automatic Exterior doors*

  • Kitchen* (minimal work)

  • Cross removal and covering of stained glass*