Collins Cooper Carusi Architects Meeting Minutes July 2, 2019

Summary of Collins Cooper Carusi Architects Meeting Minutes July 2, 2019

Attendees: 20 from UUCA (including 6 PP Design Team members, 2 ministers/staff, 6 board members, 3 RE volunteers, 1 AV volunteer, 1 PACT volunteer, 1 parent/social justice volunteer), 3 from CCCA, 2 from Coxe Curry.

Purpose: Determine UUCA programmatic needs and priorities for Option 4: new sanctuary and connector space, needed as part of the Capital Campaign Feasibility Study.

Reviewed design process and project history overview.

Discussion re: what UUCA does not want to see in the new space and what UUCA does want to see. Broad categories named included Accessibility, Light and Nature, Welcoming Environment, Sustainable and Healthy Environment, identifying Visual Elements, Cramped Spaces vs Intimacy, Space Planning, Parking, Acoustics and other items (cost, outdoor space, classroom AV capability). 

Discussion re: the program covered Administrative Space and  Flexible/Multi-Purpose Rooms including the Chapel.

Essential Space Priorities included Social Hall, Kitchen, Pre-K to First Grade Classrooms (up to 6), Elevator, 2nd floor Classrooms (up to 12), Multi-Purpose Room, Sanctuary, Gender Neutral Bathrooms, and Administration.

Additional desired programs/spaces were ranked by the UUCA participants resulting in the following (in order of priority): Chapel (also possible use for Rehearsals), Foyer/Entry (possible Art Gallery), Cry Room, Choir Green Room/Storage, Parlor (maybe part of Library), Storage, Sanctuary AV Area, Wedding Prep/Robing Room, Choir Loft, Music Rehearsal, Teen Room, Volunteer Office.

UUCA participants used dots to select the type of exterior image desired/not desired. Windows, non-traditional shapes and natural materials were preferred.