Summary of CCCA Meeting Minutes July 19, 2019

Summary of CCCA Meeting Minutes July 19, 2019

Attendees: 9 from UUCA (7 PP Design Team members, 1 staff, 1 board), 2 from CCCA.

Purpose: Consider possible layouts for Option 4 new sanctuary and connector space expansion. 

Reviewed layout of existing bar building (administrative/religious education/social hall/kitchen). 

Reviewed spaces/programs to remain in the bar building.

Discussed programming for the desired spaces ranked in the July 2 charette exercise: 400 person Sanctuary, 150 person Chapel, Lobby, Gallery, Administration, AV Control Room, Cry Room. 

Discussed exterior aesthetic preferences identified in the July 2 charette exercise: curved forms, natural materials, glass for natural light. 

UUCA participants divided into two groups to use a site plan and cut out shapes representing the newbuilding(s) to envision possible layouts. 

Group A ideas included: Follow slope of property for sanctuary tiers, add a balcony for smaller building footprint, move new elevator to new building, use an enhanced lift for the social hall, divide administration between first and second floors, possible green roof, space for memorial garden near chapel, light mitigation in sanctuary needed, street visibility highly desirable.

Group B ideas included: Possible stacking of chapel above sanctuary to minimize footprint and provide children’s chapel near their classrooms, use under sanctuary space (given slope) for storage, street visuals are very important. 

CCCA shared three design sketches prepared in-house. Option B (ovoid shape) was preferred by the UUCA participants for further development. UUCA participants directed CCCA to investigate options and concerns raised during these exercises.

CCCA also provided design input for the permanent sign at 2650 North Druid Hills now under review by Project Phoenix.