Option 3: Renovation Only


PARKING SIZE:  160 spaces

SQUARE FOOTAGE:  19,000 ft2

TIME FRAME:  1.2 years

COST:  estimated to be $5 M

Ancillary costs (FFE, Memorial Garden, Playground, A/V,)  $550,000 


  • Elevator

  • Accessible bathrooms with gender neutral design

  • Fire Sprinkler system

  • Electrical upgrade (increased capacity, parking lot pole removal for underground service)

  • Insulation (attic and interior walls)

  • Railing on stairs to code (potentially using decorative design from Cliff Valley)

  • Demolition of back building

  • New lighting throughout

  • Site work to include new parking, trees, sidewalks, water retention system

  • New HVAC system with Variable Refrigerant Technology

  • New double pane, energy efficient windows in administration building

  • Kitchen

  • New roof

  • New flooring in most rooms

  • Cross removal and stained glass replacement

  • Short time frame due to partial Design/Development already completed


  • Sanctuary limited to 275

  • No covered parking

  • No solar panel (including pre-wire)