Q & A: February 10, 2019 Presentation

Questions and Answers  re: 2650 North Druid Hills Design Development Drawings and Construction Cost Estimates

Q: Does “bare minimum” mean fully legal occupancy?
A: Yes, it includes what is needed for a certificate of occupancy.

Q: What is wrong with the parking lot?
A: There are only 80 spaces and we need about 200 (current LDP has 160 per DeKalb density requirements).

Q: How much of a loan have we previously taken on for other projects?
A: Around $1 million.  We will get the exact figure.  Research is pending.

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Q & A: November 2018 Congregational Meeting


1) We’ve lost a lot of congregants over the last few years. What are we doing to contact them and encourage them to return and have a voice in our future, which includes our new building?

Many of the people who have left us are probably able to contribute substantially to our capital campaign. In the wake of the departure of the Director of Congregational Life, we have been in process of rebuilding our membership growth systems. Our work is slowed in that we do not have paid administrative support going into 2019. We will do our best to reach out to previous congregants.

2) Suggest a committee of significant social justice activists to support our SJ Chair. The Social Justice Coordinator will be building a Coordination Team in 2019.

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