Q & A: February 10, 2019 Presentation

Questions and Answers  re: 2650 North Druid Hills Design Development Drawings and Construction Cost Estimates

Q: Does “bare minimum” mean fully legal occupancy?
A: Yes, it includes what is needed for a certificate of occupancy.

Q: What is wrong with the parking lot?
A: There are only 80 spaces and we need about 200 (current LDP has 160 per DeKalb density requirements).

Q: How much of a loan have we previously taken on for other projects?
A: Around $1 million.  We will get the exact figure.  Research is pending.

Q:  Will the landscape architect work with all components, such as the labyrinth?
A:  Yes, the landscape architect will work with the LDP requirements and our desires.  The costs for the landscape architect are not included in the current estimate.

Q:  Are there any renderings? The plans don’t show the scope.
A: Another meeting with options and more developed drawings is projected for November 4, 2018.

Q: What was the estimated construction budget in May 2018?
A: $2.6 million, but that was a seat of the pants estimate.  The architects and mechanical engineers modified our early assumptions with several large scope changes.  

Q: When does the lease run out on the Treehouse?
A: The lease is for 15 months, August 2018-November 2019. The owners are being asked if we can do extensions of 6 months at a time.

Q: How soon can we apply for a mortgage?
A: The time for that is pending. The Board has to consider options.

Q: If we are spending less than the operational cost of Cliff Valley on the leasing cost for the Treehouse, can the funds saved go back in the building fund?
A: The PP budget included a component for anticipated revenue shortfall during the move and temporary location.  If the shortfall doesn’t occur, those funds can be used.

Q: “Green everything” is a lofty goal but may not be cost justifiable. What would remodeling costs be if we used current construction practices setting aside the more elaborate “green” options? 
A: We don’t currently have a non-green cost estimate. Some  green requirements like insulation and low flow water devices are required. Perhaps some green options (like solar panels) can be added down the road.  

Q: What are the plans for the stained glass window?
A:  A committee to make recommendations about the window is being formed by Dick Patterson.

Q: Choate is a premier construction company. Are we locked into using Choate for construction management?
A: Three firms were interviewed, and Choate was selected.  Choate is large enough to be able to get subs needed to do the work (even in a tight labor market), and it has a multicultural team.

Q: Can we move before all the construction is done?
A: We have to have a certificate of occupancy before we can move.  Also, it would cost more to do part of the renovation and move into the renovated section and then renovate the rest.

Q: Can we get competitive bids from smaller construction companies?
A: That has already been done as part of the initial process of selecting a firm for construction management.

Q: Will the cross on the top of the steeple be replaced by a chalice?
A: Removing the cross was included in the estimate, but we have to decide if replacing it with a chalice is a “gotta have” or if it can wait.

Q:  Is a loan/mortgage an option?
A: The Board will discuss this option.

Q: Where is the proposed space for the choir?
A: The choir is in a slightly elevated area in the back under the stained glass window.

Q: How does the plan change/enhance the interior of the building? Will it still be concrete block?
A: The $5.5 million estimate includes sheetrock on all interior walls and all new interior doors.

Q: What can we postpone to another downturn in the economy?
A: Who can prognosticate when that will be?

Q: Who is sitting in evaluation of the cost data?

A: The PP Steering Team and Design Teams are the key people evaluating the data from the architects and construction manager.

Q: What do we need so much steel for?

A: The new design of the sanctuary removes all of the interior walls which requires some new steel beam placement.   The elevator requires a steel support system. Handrails for all of the existing stairs are not to current code and need to be redesigned/replaced. These are just a few of the areas for steel. 

Q: Does the design represent the maximum coverage (%) allowable by the zoning?

A: No. The LDP was submitted with a rough outline of a future wing.  The coverage areas are based with that future addition included.