Welcome to the Treehouse!

In August 2018 we landed at our temporary home. You can find us at 1190 West Druid Hills Drive NE, Suite 150. With large panoramic views of the treetops along I-85, we affectionately call our space The Treehouse.

Come visit us for Sunday services 9:30 am and 11:00 am. UUCA is still the best place to be in Atlanta on a Sunday morning! 


Sundays at UUCA

First Service

9:30 am

Youth & Children’s Religious Education

9:30 am: Children’s RE

11:00 am: Youth RE

Second Service

11:00 am

Adult Religious Education & Inquirers 12:30 pm

Other Programs

Wonderful Wednesday

6:15 pm

Small Group Ministry
Sunday Afternoons

Wednesday Evenings