Update: More Listening Sessions on the Horizon

Update: February 21, 2019

Please attend this Sunday’s Project Phoenix Listening Session in the Treehouse Social Hall from 1:30 to 3:00PM. People will have an opportunity to express their feelings and opinions about our future home in a supportive environment. Child care will be provided.

We had an excellent turnout at our open house this past Sunday. Many questions and concerns were addressed at that time. Straw poll voting for the various options began that day with about 40 people indicating their preference.

Congregational Input Boards

To review: Everybody will be given an opportunity to place one dot next to one of the 5 Options to vote their preference. There is no requirement that you make an immediate decision. The posters and dots will be available at UUCA in the reception area through March 24th. There will be more information and activities forthcoming during the time that the straw poll is being taken.

Project Phoenix Binders

Binders with detailed information about all the Project Phoenix activities are available Monday-Thursday during office hours (see Travis for access) and Sunday from 9:00AM to 12:30PM (see the Building Attendant for access). The binders may be reviewed in the Project Phoenix Office. The video of the February 10th presentation is available HERE.

Project Phoenix leaders DeAnn Peterson (dpuucaphoenix@gmail.com ) and Dave Spierman (dsphoenixuuca@gmail.com) are available by appointment to meet with UUCA organizations to review and answer questions about the options, timelines and binders.

Upcoming Listening Session

There will be an additional Project Phoenix Listening Session on Mar 10 from 1:30 to 3:00PM in the Social Hall. Childcare will be available.

Plans are underway to design and install a “Future Home of UUCA” sign at our new home. It will be ready for Steering Team approval by mid-March. Stay tuned for further details.

Finance Consultant Committee

The Finance Consultant Search Committee identified thirteen candidate firms to request qualification packets from. Seven of the firms self-selected out of the process while six firms engaged with the team submitting answers to the committee’s initial questions. On February 20th, the committee narrowed the list to three firms to conduct in-person interviews in early March. The team is working diligently and will continue to report out to the congregation as progress continues to be made.