Build Community at 2650!

Want to help create some fun UUCA activities now at 2650 North Druid Hills? As the fall weather settles in, we are excited to create new and joyful opportunities to connect with one another. Our future home at 2650 provides lots of space and opportunities for outdoor events, artistic activities, and getting to know our neighbors. Some thoughts: parking lot BBQ, comet watch, paint temporary murals on the shed, stake the yard for peace/love. We need a group to help us make these projects happen. What are your ideas? If you want to help make this happen, let us know at

Stewardship Campaign vs Capital Campaign

Every year, UUCA has a Stewardship Drive where we ask our members and friends to submit a pledge for the coming year. We send letters, have parties, eat cake, and then create our annual operating budget based on these pledges. The Stewardship Campaign is about what is happening here and now-staff and minister salaries, music for the choir, programs and supplies for religious education, and so much more.

This is separate and distinct from the potential capital campaign to fund renovations at our new home at 2650 North Druid Hills. Think of UUCA's finances as your own. Once in a while you have a big dream expense: that amazing vacation you've been planning, a new baby you're expecting, that perfect house for your family. The capital campaign is about the big plans for the future of community.

Our current stewardship campaign is about positioning UUCA to have a successful 2020 program year. So should you give to the Capital Campaign or the Stewardship Campaign? The answer is yes! Give to both! Both are needed for the health and growth of UUCA and our life-changing, world-changing message and acts of love and healing.

Got questions? Let us know at And thank you for your generosity of time, talent and treasure.