Update: Announcing June 9 Tour of 2650

Our new fund-raising consultant, Coxe, Curry, Associates has started the financial feasibility study. Option voting has been extended until the completion of the financial feasibility study.

 On-line voting is available at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKR4J8kGlNxa9KaQA7Tjc6lvIs15IvJFT7j5Gwa7-LnK4DAQ/viewform.  You are also invited to participate in the dot voting in the reception area

Due to the very busy UUCA calendar in May the additional tour of our property at 2650 N. Druid Hill has been scheduled for June 9. We are continuing to work with the sign company, our attorney and DeKalb County to get the permit for the installation of the sign at 2650 N. Druid Hills.

Please visit the new Project Phoenix website: https://www.projectphoenixuuca.com/.