Update: Task Force Meetings with Coxe, Curry & Assoc.

Coxe Curry and Associates continues to work through the feasibility study. The first task force meeting between CC&A, Reverend Taryn Strauss and members John Guyton, Ellen Beattie, Carol Ann Arvan, and Bryce Thomason occurred last week. The purpose of the task force is to gather background information, demographics and other basic data to create a strong foundation for the study. Additionally, Dave Spierman, Bryce Thomason and Carol Ann Arvan met with our CC&A team at our new property for a tour of the facility this past Monday. They were joined by Fiona Grandowski from our architecture firm, Collins Cooper and Carusi and by Filiberto Laura from Chaote, the builder. The tour was very productive for all in attendance and clarified the next steps.

On Wednesday, Aaron Berger, our campaign director at Coxe Curry and Associates and Fiona Grandowski from Collins Cooper and Carusi met with Rev. Taryn Strauss, Jason Delaney, Hildegarde Grey, Natalie Snedden, and Carol Ann Arvan to discuss some of the programmatic vision to help in creating a better idea of how “Option 4” can best serve our congregation. We are excited to see more details coming from this process in the coming weeks and will continue to provide updates here weekly as well as on the Project Phoenix website.

Option voting closed on May 8. We will be processing and tallying the votes, which will be available on Options for 2650 page of the Project Phoenix website on May 26.

Our attorney, Michele Battle, has obtained information from DeKalb County about the permit for the installation of the sign at 2650 N. Druid Hills. She had hoped that we could get a temporary permit, but the county is insisting that it be a permanent permit. Michele and Nicole are putting together information that will get this process moving forward.

A reminder that the next tour of our property at 2650 N. Druid Hill has been scheduled for Sunday, June 9 from 1:30 – 3:00pm.

We are moving forward with planning activities for volunteers to work on the grounds of our new facility at 2650 N Druid Hills. We will have more details soon.

Please direct any questions or concerns about Project Phoenix or the Feasibility Study to projectphoenix@uuca.org.