Update: Feasibility Study Running on All Cylinders

The feasibility study is progressing with several different teams working on various aspects. Here are the latest updates on where those efforts are in their work: 

Information Gathering: working with support from Ellen Beattie and John Guyton, Coxe Curry is collecting background information on UUCA related to constituents served, communications/marketing materials, etc. to best inform the case for support process.

Demographics Survey: Rev. Taryn and Nicole Pressley are working to finalize a survey that will go out to the entirety of the congregation and provide up to date demographic information regarding the current membership and friends base.

Feasibility Study Interviewee Process: Rev. Anthony, Rev. Taryn, Bryce Thomason and Coxe Curry met to begin developing a list of thought and philanthropic leaders to be engaged in the in-person interview portion of the feasibility study.

Programmatic Impact of the Building: Key to moving forward with the feasibility study will be the agreed-upon, defined programmatic impact of the new facility. Rev. Anthony, Rev. Taryn, Bryce Thomason and Coxe Curry met to review key programs for inclusion, and Rev. Taryn will lead the effort with the board and volunteers to better define these programs and build consensus among leadership.