Update: Progress on 2650 Sign

Sign at 2650 North Druid Hills Road

At the July meeting, the UUCA board approved the use of Project Phoenix funds for a permanent electronic sign at 2650 NDH. The PP Steering Committee has chosen a contractor. Permitting and final design are now underway.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Update

Coxe Curry now estimates its final report will be available for the UUCA board to consider at the November 2019 meeting. This is two months later than we previously reported.

The reasons for this delay are many. First, the information Coxe Curry requested about UUCA plus other research proved more extensive than we planned. Second, UUCA information is not centralized and managed by an Executive Director, which is what Coxe Curry usually finds with non-profit clients. This made the information more difficult to gather. Thirty-four UUCA congregants and staff worked with Coxe Curry to find data and answer questions needed to develop the case study, and we are grateful for their efforts. Third, while Coxe Curry praises UUCA’s unusual (in their experience) transparency and depth of volunteers supporting Project Phoenix and other UUCA programs, this also meant more meetings and more hands-on folks than usual. Added to all this is the unavoidable delay caused by summer vacations, family issues and travel, including General Assembly, for congregants and staff. The timeline had to be revised.

So what can you do to help? To launch a successful campaign, Coxe Curry needs to understand UUCA and its membership. That means they may reach out to you for information. If you are contacted, please respond promptly to minimize costly delays. Thank you for your cooperation.