Update: Project Phoenix Straw Voting Results

As shared at the June 30 Board Donuts & Discussion, a total of 220 straw votes were cast for the five options outlined for UUCA's space needs. 87 votes were cast via an online survey and 133 votes were cast as dots on the option posters in UUCA's reception area. 

As a reminder:

Option 1: sell 2650 North Druid Hills and search for other property.

Option 2: do the minimum work required to meet code and move into 2650 NDH.

Option 3: do additional work at 2650 NDH and keep the sanctuary building.

Option 4: do additional work at 2650 NDH, demolish the existing sanctuary building and build a new sanctuary and additional space. 

Option 5: demolish both 2650 NDH buildings and design/build from scratch.

Option 4 received 61% of the votes.

Option 3 received 21%.

Option 2 received 10%.

Options 1 and 5 each received 5% or less of the votes. 

With 82% of the votes for Option 4 and Option 3, participants in this straw vote process expressed a clear desire to pursue an aspirational path for UUCA's new home. 

2650 North Druid Hills Charette (Design Visioning Meeting)

On July 2 twenty UUCA congregants and staff spent four hours with our architects, Collins Cooper Carusi, to envision how new space at 2650 North Druid Hills under Design Option 4 might be used. CCC will use the collective information to further develop Option 4 as part of the Financial Feasibility Study with Coxe Curry. Many thanks to religious education representatives (June Lester, Jane Mengel), audio visual and performing arts representatives (Michael Dangerfield, Mria Dangerfield), social justice outreach representative (Natalie Snedden), board leaders (President Christian Harden, President-Elect Jennifer Thilo), board members (Jen Bain, Sharon Glass, Jon Johnson, John Duggar), Project Phoenix design team members (Pam Kilmer, Bill Mengel, Hoke Smith, Carl Pelizza, Carol Ann Arvan), Project Phoenix Steering Team Co-Leads (Dave Spierman, DeAnn Peterson), Rev. Taryn Strauss and Office Administrator Travis Vaughn for contributing their time and talent to this intense exercise in sharing and collaboration.