UPDATE: Rethinking Temporary Sign

Sign at 2650 North Druid Hills

Further discussion with DeKalb County has revealed we would have to spend over $7,000 to comply with county requirements before we could even apply for a permanent sign permit. These sunk costs would not apply towards our renovation plans, would likely result in additional costs now to cure building deficiencies and would result in monthly gas utility expenses at 2650 which we have thus far avoided. Given this, we will now reconsider plans for a temporary sign at 2650. We’ll share further developments as they happen.

Composting Opportunity

Discussions are underway to plan for composting at 2650 North Druid Hills. We might actually be able to start before construction, composting our Sunday coffee hour and Wonderful Wednesday dinner scraps from 1190 West Druid Hills. Stay tuned for further developments.

AV System Maintenance

AV system components used in the sanctuary at 1190 West Druid Hills are wearing out. The Project Phoenix Steering Team has approved spending up to $10,000 for replacement components, which can also be used at 2650 North Druid Hills.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

UUCA’s Feasibility Study Team will meet with Coxe Curry next week to review the case study prepared by Coxe Curry and the list of potential UUCA interviewees regarding a capital campaign for 2650 North Druid Hills. Rough cost estimates for the new sanctuary design are expected in late September.

Naming Policy

Discussions with the Endowment Fund Board have prompted the need for UUCA to develop a naming policy for gifts meant to honor or in memory of someone or something. We will reach out to Coxe Curry for information, as well as other UU congregations. Once research is completed, the UUCA board will review and recommend a naming policy for the congregation to follow.